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Reviews for Fairfield Dental Care and Ortho.

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Review from M.R.  |  Source: Facebook  |  Jan 13, 2017

This review is hidden. View review I had been a very happy patient with Dr. Amy Mohr, however when my tooth broke and the pain was unbelievable I needed help quickly. They could not help me for a few days so I said that I would need to call someone else to help me immediately. Their office staff then changed their tune and said they could have another d...entist there do a different procedure under anesthesia that would only cost 50-100 more. I agreed because I needed help asap. The procedure ended up costing almost $500 more because my insurance denied it. I said I don't have it (total cost was now $1k) but of course the work had already been done (and the first 500 paid up front). Their staff kept telling me I had to talk to their office manager Kerry so I left multiple messages with her with no response. Another girl answering said that Kerry would agree to cutting the payment in half yet Kerry still would not call me back or discuss it with me. I finally got her on the phone early January but she sent me to collections regardless even tho I was actively trying to handle it. Why send me to collections and refuse to talk to me about it? I paid the reduced amount but Kerry was apparently sick of me leaving messages and insisting I talk to her (because she was the only one allowed to handle this whole situation) so she was a condescending ass to my face after I paid the bill. Make sure you get quotes from insurance not the dentist (now I know ugh) but don't go here. I can't believe they would treat me so bad after 10 years of seeing them. Shameful. See More More

Review from S.H.  |  Source: Facebook  |  Mar 10, 2015

My wife and I used Fairfield Dental & Orthodontics for just over 2 1/2 years. Things went fine for normal cleanings. They have changed staff a few times. Not sure what this "Dentalworks" thing is but it looks like a franchise set-up. Anyway, I highly recommend you look at other Dentists. Why? After a few weeks of... pain on one side of my mouth I decided I better go in and have them have a look. I called Monday morning and the person who answered asked if it would be alright for them to call me back. I guess they were quite busy. I said sure.....It got to be Wednesday and no call back. I called again and then phone was not answered. A greeting asked me to leave a message. I did. No call back the rest of the day. So then on Thursday morning I called in (this being my third attempt in four days) again. No answer again. I did not leave a message this time. I simply decided I needed a new dentist. On Friday they actually called me back!!! By then I already had reached out to my friends for local dentist references and had researched other dentists in the area and made an appointment. See More More

Review from S.B.  |  Source: Facebook  |  Jan 27, 2015

I go in for an emergency come out I'm still hurting like hell all they gave me was anabiotic nothing for pain More

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