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The Ways Fluoride Treatments May Elevate Your Tooth Surfaces

fluoride and teeth

Naturally occurring in a number water sources, fluoride is a mineral that has numerous dental benefits. It enhances the tooth’s framework and the teeth repel decay. Fluoride also aids patients with baby teeth or compromised teeth and can reverse small regions of decay that have recently developed. Fairfield Dental Care and Ortho. provides dental fluoride procedures for our Cypress, TX patients to strengthen their oral wellness at any age.

Commonly, fluoride is most essential for children around half a year to 16 years, as this is when most of the permanent teeth grow. However, older individuals may reap the benefits of fluoride services too. At our facility in Cypress, TX, we understand that these treatments are as essential in strengthening growing teeth as they are in defending against tooth decay.


Multiple features of fluoride have a positive impact on the teeth, like:

  • Delaying the loss of minerals in the enamel
  • Lessening the development of and fixing early
  • Halting harmful bacteria growth
  • Reinforcing compromised enamel

Fluoride is usually found in water and in minor amounts in particular foods. Even though your teeth are often exposed to fluoride in the food and water you eat and drink, it's not possible to get a substantial quantity of fluoride from your diet alone.


Putting fluoride on the enamel could be performed using two techniques: external or systemic. External application helps individuals of different ages; meanwhile, the other is more suitable for younger patients when their adult teeth are developing beneath the gumline. At Fairfield Dental Care and Ortho., oral fluoride services are conducted every six months after a professional cleaning and evaluation. The cleaned teeth are then dried, and the fluoride is distributed and kept on the surfaces for a maximum of four minutes for every application. To ensure that the fluoride totally sinks into the enamel, you could be asked not to eat, drink, or smoke cigarettes for no fewer than 30 minutes after your oral fluorosis appointment.

This mineral is also found in sources of water. When it's consumed, it journeys along the body and the teeth form. Toddlers who consume water composed of only some to almost no fluoride could need a supplement to help their teeth emerge correctly.


All individuals require a certain amount of fluoride based on their risk of developing decay. If you develop an adequate home-based oral hygiene regimen and avoid sweet and acidic food and liquids, your odds of developing cavities may be reduced. As it pertains to kids, in the case that a large amount of fluoride is taken in, teeth may be dented or discolored. This concern is called enamel fluorosis and could result in little white stripes or areas on the tooth surfaces. Though it’s not technically destructive, it can result in the need for cosmetic dental solutions.

Men and women who ingest too much fluoride may end up more vulnerable to discomfort or bone fractures, sometimes known as skeletal fluorosis. This might potentially lead to sensitivity and damage to some bones and joints. When you’re concerned about your fluoride intake, reach out to our experienced team in Cypress, TX.


Fairfield Dental Care and Ortho. provides dental fluorosis treatments for individuals. Our skilled dental professionals may do a comprehensive dental examination to learn if fluoride procedures are suitable for you. To summarize, the advantages of fluoride are ideal for most people as it improves the enamel along with lessening your chances of getting tooth decay. To learn more regarding dental fluorosis services, or to make a consultation at our Cypress, TX practice, get in touch with our team today.


Fluoride is beneficial for oral health because:

  • It slows down mineral loss (demineralization) from tooth enamel

  • It remineralizes weakened tooth enamel

  • It reverses any early signs of tooth decay

  • It prevents harmful oral bacteria growth

When bacteria break down sugar and carbs in your mouth, acid is produced that eats away at the minerals within your tooth enamel. Weakened tooth enamel makes your teeth more vulnerable to harmful bacteria that can later cause cavities.

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